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Of course I had to share this on fb. Thanks Sandra for my new coffee mug. Are you trying to tell me that I spend a little too much time on here? Our Thing 1 and Thing 2 in honor of Dr. Seuss' B-Day (Mach 2nd). They have been celebrating all week at their daycare. My USS Enterprise made from floppy. A team building exercise/contest I orchestrated at work. Who wouldn't want to be part of my team? Lol don't answer that.
So cool. My first Thank You coaching card. From one of the kids in B's Hockey class. I guess the kids have not learned yet that the Dads have just as much fun :) Friday=Movie Night Ugh. Just heard the crash. Time to call insurance company. Insult to injury. I just noticed the ice block fell on the AC unit and crushed it...
Do I upset the Coffee Gods when I use this spoon to sugar my coffee? 68154_10150090683252497_601057496_5825263_2336298_s Mobile Uploads Can only mean one thing... It's Sunday - hockey time. Sunday has become one of my favorite days. Hockey with B and Football all day. Life is freak'n awesome!
Time to see Santa. Hoping for under an hour wait in line this year. Although, it's not nearly as cold as last year Poor Pete... Very lonely at the 6 am. Where's his peeps? Get ready 6 am crew. Coach Toon gotz da cones out.
Look who's back in town. Lights up... Ready to trim the tree to tomorrow We found our Christmas Tree
Photos 46 - 60 out of 94 | Back to Albums

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