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218010_10150195135182497_601057496_6811438_2690824_s Mobile Uploads 226688_10150195134517497_601057496_6811435_5240307_s Mobile Uploads Success! Bonus - the last ones and they had a txter bunny. Ha ha ha. Claire is going to go bonkers.
Matt - Of course gloves are worn, the heat in the house gets turned off April 1st What else would I wear while watching playoff hockey? A little post workout breakfast at Dotties. Life is good... No, it's GREAT!
"Dad! Dad! Someone broke the wall! DAD! What happened?!" B while on the rower this morning. Everything is a crisis at his age. 205124_10150179069237497_601057496_6661664_777332_s Mobile Uploads Lego time before heading off to music class
B with his Lego X-wing Fighter. He put most of it together with some assistance from Daddy. Yeap. I had just as much fun with B's birthday gift as he did. What a day...
... and we get to ride the subway?! Bonus! Grandpa teaching B how to play angry birds Birthday Boy and his little bro on their way into NYC
Photos 31 - 45 out of 94 | Back to Albums

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