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Our little guy sleeping like a big boy at daycare 261425_10150243237757497_601057496_7221922_2815334_s Mobile Uploads Melis hitting the pull-ups on WOD #4
261424_10150243170727497_601057496_7221279_4102308_s Mobile Uploads Ha... This is only a sampling of the cards I saw this morning. However, I couldn't find a blank card.... Figures First crop of the season... A few strawberries. The boys are SO excited. THIS is why I garden.
Morning bubbles with Grandma and Mom New used pool table assembled and new felt installed. Thanks Lis for the table and Regis for helping with the felt tonight. A few more little things but the garden is finally taking shape.
The new 2011 garden cleared this weekend. Anyone have a tiller I can borrow? Regis brought a b-day gift with him... This probably is not good for Project Speedo It does help with all the flt delays today
B finally broke into his Dude Bunny tonight. Guess which meal is my pre-hockey meal and which one is Tony's... 222116_10150195136307497_601057496_6811454_6870497_s Mobile Uploads
Photos 16 - 30 out of 94 | Back to Albums

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