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s601057496_821475_7730 Bike Trip 2008 s601057496_821476_76 Bike Trip 2008 Look close.  What do you see?
Yeap. Those are real.  This room was just outside one of the big churches.  It was spooky. You look into the room and it's dark and you can't see anything.  Then you hit the light switch and.... WOW! s601057496_821479_6328 Bike Trip 2008 s601057496_821480_7939 Bike Trip 2008
s601057496_821481_9539 Bike Trip 2008 s601057496_821482_1668 Bike Trip 2008 s601057496_821483_3731 Bike Trip 2008
s601057496_821484_5080 Bike Trip 2008 Biking along the Rhine Claire goofing off
FORBODEN! s601057496_821488_2203 Bike Trip 2008 Greg goofing off on the way to Mainz... I mean Bodenheim.
Photos 31 - 45 out of 60 | Back to Albums
Description: 4 Day Bike trip in Germany we did with our old neighbors from Chicago.
Location: Germany

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