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30632_409014107496_601057496_3987769_3453529_s Mudder 2010 They had these posted ALL over the course... Ok. We got it.  We won't sue you. Not so much running though fire as fumes
30632_409014482496_601057496_3987786_5968784_s Mudder 2010 30632_409013817496_601057496_3987764_938502_s Mudder 2010 "What the F' was that?"
"I think my eyelash has been singed!" "Get me the hell out of here" Again.. Becky is very happy for some reason.
No more number Kathrine wonders if the Tough Mudder was worth losing an eyelash. Just after getting our free beer after finishing.
After a hose down, change of clothes, and beer Post race snacks Don't mess with Beery... He's a tough mudder
Photos 16 - 30 out of 31 | Back to Albums
Description: CFW does Tough Mudder
Location: Allentown PA

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