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Pa's turn to hold his new Grandson s601057496_2088168_5622355 Connor Toon s601057496_2088169_3276013 Connor Toon
s601057496_2088170_1692096 Connor Toon s601057496_2088171_3456489 Connor Toon Connor and his great grandmother Nana Clark
The older brothers like the TV in the hospital just as much as they like the one at home s601057496_2088174_5670811 Connor Toon s601057496_2088176_3759256 Connor Toon
Uncle Randy meets Connor s601057496_2088178_620665 Connor Toon s601057496_2088179_1554325 Connor Toon
s601057496_2088180_2431736 Connor Toon s601057496_2088181_7761427 Connor Toon  
Photos 16 - 29 out of 29 | Back to Albums
Description: Connor's Birthday - 6 lbs 12 oz and 19"

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