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Patrick our fearless lion. Brendan really wanted to be a princess this year but Daddy had to put his foot down. Warming up to the Buzz coustume.
Now, doesn't want to be anything but Buzz for Halloween. Outside the community center. s601057496_980971_7683 Halloween 08
s601057496_980972_8883 Halloween 08 Brendan's discusses the finer points of candy to his friend and neighbor Aidan. We didn't realize it to after the fact that their costumes went together.  Buzz and Woody.
The whole gang.  Patrick, Madison, Brendan, and Aidan. s601057496_980976_3984 Halloween 08 s601057496_980977_5156 Halloween 08
s601057496_980978_6358 Halloween 08 s601057496_980979_7484 Halloween 08 Patrick very excited about his full size twix.  Daddy was even more excited about it.
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Description: Pictures of B and P from Halloween 08. We first went to our local community center with our neighbors. Next, it was tick or treat at Grandma Coffey's. Finally, we end our night at Nana and Pa's house.

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