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Riding Photos Riding Photos
Some pictures of me and my bike. Riding a bike is good for your soul.
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WOD - Driveway Pull WOD - Driveway Pull
This is for all my new crossfit friends. I couldn't make in today because I was busy clearing snow. BUT I had my boys (Brendan 2 and Patrick 1) do a mini WOD for me. For all my non-crossfit friends, WOD stands for Workout Of the Day
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Christmas Village Christmas Village
Our annual visit to Christmas Village to see Santa with the boys. This place has been run by the town of Torrington since 1947 and is totally free. Claire's parents came here to see Santa as children and so did Claire.
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Gingerbread Gingerbread
We had our neighbors (the Grimes) over for a little Holiday Gingerbread Fun. The trains/house only got partially done but it was about all we could handle on a school night.
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Thanksgiving 2008 Thanksgiving 2008
Pictures from Thanksgiving 2008. Putting up the tree and decorating the gingerbread train with Grandma, Grandpa, and Auntie Jennifer.
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Remember When.... Remember When....
I get a good chuckle when I look at old pictures people post (like my cousin Steve has started to do). So, I thought I would post a few myself.
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Fall 08 Fall 08
Random pictures from Fall of '08
10 photos
Halloween 08 Halloween 08
Pictures of B and P from Halloween 08. We first went to our local community center with our neighbors. Next, it was tick or treat at Grandma Coffey's. Finally, we end our night at Nana and Pa's house.
23 photos
Fall Bike Route Fall Bike Route
Some pictures of my new training ride. I've traded the cars and streets of Chicago for the Trees and back roads of Connecticut.
16 photos
Pumpkin Town USA Pumpkin Town USA
Beautiful Fall day at Pumpkin Town
21 photos
Albums 31 - 40 out of 52
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